The True Bites Way

These are our fundamental company values. The ideas that True Bites were built on, and the beliefs that we pursue everyday to keep our business dutiful and steadfast.

We Believe in Family

With almost 90 years, and 3 generations of butchery experience, we are extremely proud to be a family business. We relish the family values our history brings, and are constantly striving for culture of community and team work. In an often faceless industry, we aspire to be authentic. We want to know our customers, and for them to know us. We are making a stand for independence. 

We Believe in Quality Meat

True Bites was founded with a mission to reinvigorate meal times through a passion for great meat and customer service. We want to remind people of just how great meat can be and that's why we're taking butchery #BacktoCraft, with many of our own hand made products.

All of your meat is responsibly sourced from local British farms, and trusted, reputable suppliers, who share our own commitment to top quality, great tasting products and animal welfare.

All orders are expertly prepared on the day of dispatch by our team of experienced True Bites butchers. Your meat is sealed, individually labelled and packed with ice packs into professional restaurant industry insulated boxes, and delivered fresh straight to your door the next day.

We Believe in Customer Service

We understand modern life can leave us all short of time, and sometimes inspiration, which can make it difficult for us to provide healthy, nutritious meals for our families and ourselves. That's why we have made it our aim to provide you and your family with a easy to use service to help you get fresh quality meat, produce, recipes, and information to enable you to save time and enjoy delicious, nutritious home cooked meals.

We Believe in #NothingtoHide

True Bites was founded in 2013 in response to yet another supermarket meat scandal. We were fed up of faceless national and multinational conglomerates disrespecting their customers by falsifying product information, purely for financial gain. We wanted to offer our customers great quality produce without the BS, and that's why we include full ingredient and origin declarations on all of our product pages.

We believe the future of business is transparency, and that's also why we freely allow access to our accounts and financial information, as well as our future business plans and ideas.

We Believe in Growth

Someone once said that "success is the ability to move from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm", and after years of running an independent business, we are certainly (more than) aware that failures are common and success can be hard to grasp and often fleeting. With this in mind we have made it our mission to never stand still, to grow and improve some aspect of our business as often as possible. Incremental gains are the only way forward.

We Believe in Being a Great Employer

The future of True Bites is totally dependent on how well we look after our wonderful people. We would truly be nothing without our 'tribe'. 

We Believe in Ourselves

We believe in being true to ourselves, doing things our way and sticking to the ideas True Bites were built on. Business can truly be a force for good, and with hard work, enthusiasm and passion, we can make True Bites into something we can all be really proud of. 

Long live bacon.