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On a mission to reinvigorate meal times through a passion for great meat. Join the revolution and be part of the #TrueBitesTribe.

We are a family run online butchers looking to redefine expectations of great meat through passion and skill. Ultilising a mix of traditional and modern cuts of meat, and methods of butchery, our aim is to create exciting great quality produce that will re-inspire your love for great meals.

We aim to provide a great customer experience with service and convenience a top priority. With this in mind we have created an easy to use website which allows ours customers to browse (at their leisure) and order online (at their convenience), or via email. 

True Bites Heritage

We have amassed over 80 years of butchery experience and we thought it might be nice if we briefly showed you how we got to where we are now. 

D. G. Rhoades

Dennis George Rhoades, a trained cabinet maker, left school in 1931 at the age of 14. Unable to freely find employment in carpentry he took a job working as a butchers apprentice (Known then as a 'Butchers Boy'). Unbeknownst to him then, that 14 year old boys first job was to set him, and his future family, on a long path of butchery, shop keeping and business. 


Left is Dennis George Rhoades. Right is Dennis George with son Dennis John.


Dennis met Elsie May Box when he was 16 and they were married in 1935. In 1938, aged 21, Dennis chose to enlist for the R.A.F. During WWII he was placed in Canada where he repaired airplanes such as Spitfires and Hurricanes, it was just before he left for Canada that he had a son; Dennis John Rhoades ('Little Den'). Dennis Senior ('Big Den') returned from the war in 1946, where he re-entered his employment, no longer a 'butchers boy', at the butchers shop in The Scotlands, Wolverhampton.


Flyer Circa 1948, D. G. Rhoades Delivery Vans and the Snack Bar in Heath Town, Wednesfield


It was around 1947/48 when D. G. Rhoades started his own round delivering 'Meat, Bacon and Eggs' to the Bushbury Housing Estate in Wolverhampton. Not long after this Dennis and Elsie went into business together, running a cafe/snack bar and butchers in Heath Town, Wednesfield. We believe they lived and worked there for around 2 years.

They briefly went on to a Butchers in Springfield before obtaining a council shop in Bushbury around 1950. It was here from 1956 that 'Little Den' started to work weekends for his father. This was where he learned how to make faggots, black pudding, and sausages. Little Den started working there full time in 1958 and was there for 2 years.


Left is Dennis and Elsie at the Shop in Bushbury. Right is the Supermarket in Ashmore Park


Around 1952, while continuing to run the shop in Bushbury, they moved onto a farm in Coven, to rear livestock. In 1958 they opened one of the original Supermarkets in Ashmore Park, Wolverhampton. They also ran a second Butchers and a Grocers in Ashmore Park from around 1960. 'Big Den' and wife Elsie retired from business in 1978.


D. J. Rhoades

After leaving his father's shop in Bushbury around 1960/61 D. J. Rhoades went to work for Dewhursts the butchers in Wolverhampton. He worked there for around 18 months before leaving to manage the butchery department of George Masons. Dennis ran the butchery department for 2 years before leaving to open his first shop in Lawnswood, Wordsley. D. J. Rhoades went on to open a butchers in Barnet Lane, Kingswinford before opening a freezer centre in Wordsley. The shop in Lawnswood was sold in 1976 and Barnet Lane (sports outfitters) in 1978. D. J. Rhoades developed a wholesale aspect to the business and moved to factory premises in Dawley Brook, Kingswinford around 1980. Four years later the business moved to Lye and later in 1999 to Peartree Lane in Dudley.


M. J. Rhoades

Dennis's youngest son, Matthew, started working for him in 2007. In early 2013 Dennis and Matthew decided to move back towards a traditional retail butchers, and entered into business together forming True Bites. We wanted to revive the traditions of quality, friendly butchery and attempt to move it into the 21st century, thus the online butcher was born. 

It's been a long journey and if you've made it to the bottom of this post then well done, we hope it all makes sense. If you've any questions, or remember any of the family's shops, then please pop a comment below we'd love to hear from you!


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