Refer a Friend

As a small family business, it can be extremely difficult, time consuming, and down right expensive, to run advertising campaigns with big tech companies. Advertising fees, especially over recent months, have become extortionate, too much for a business like ours. So, we sat down over a cup of tea and had a chat. There must be a better way to spend our valuable time and our hard earned cash? There must be a better way to spread the True Bites word to more lovely people like you. With that in mind, we have decided to try a 'refer a friend' scheme. This way our money is given back to the most important people, our customers. The people who've helped us come so far, especially over the last few years. We think it makes sense, and it's surely worth a try?

How it works

Share your referral URL with a friend to give them £5 off. Once they've completed their order, you receive a coupon for £5 off as well, which you can use on your next order. It's that simple. We're pretty sure you can refer as many friends as you want. So, if there's anyone you know who loves great meat, please let them know, and help spread the True Bites word.

Where's my referral URL

Your referral URL can be found on your order status page after you've checked out, by clicking on the the green 'Rewards' tab in the bottom righthand corner of the website, or by clicking the button below. 



Reward points

We are also now offering reward points which you can earn in various ways, and which can be redeemed for money off your order, or for free shipping. Click here for more details.