About True Bites


In 2013, after yet another supermarket meat scandal, and generally being fed up with poor quality, mass produced meats, Dennis and Matthew (our father and son founders) decided to move back into retail butchery and True Bites was born. With a mission to reinvigorate meal times through a passion for great meat, they wanted to remind people of how good meat can be and make access to quality produce easier for people in their busy modern lives.

True Bites History

Our Journey So Far...

True Bites may have been founded in 2013, but our history with butchery goes back a long long way. Matthew is actually the third generation of butchers in our family. To really get back to the beginning of True Bites we'll have to go all the way back to 1931...

Our Beliefs


These are our fundamental company values. The ideas that True Bites were built on, and the beliefs that we pursue everyday to keep our business dutiful and steadfast.

Meet the Team

Who We Are...

Meet the dedicated and friendly family team behind every True Bites delivery. With over 100 years combined experience within the food industry, we know how to do the job right, and we're incredibly proud of the people who make this business what it is.