Eco Friendly Deliveries

As a family business, we pride ourselves on quality, ethically sourced produce, yet our principles don't stop there. We also understand how important it is to help preserve the environment around us and are fully committed to minimising our environmental impact. In fact, we even have a written 'Environmental Policy', which we frequently consult to help evaluate, and re-evaluate, all of our activities in light of their sustainability. It is with sustainability in mind, that we decided to  move away from environmentally harmful polystyrene boxes and look for a more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solution. 

eco friendly delivery info-graphic


Eco Friendly Deliveries

After taking time to carefully consider the right packaging, and in light of our commitment to the environment and the reduction of waste, we are proud to now be using industry leading Woolcool insulating liners in almost all of our deliveries*. These Woolcool liners are fully reusable, and recyclable. The wool insulation is actually 100% compostable and biodegradable, and will even release valuable nitrates back into the soil as they degrade. These 100% sustainable liners, combined with our easily recycled outer box, and re-usable gel ice packs, mean our deliveries are as sustainable as ever, and reducing serious amounts of packaging waste, and we're really rather proud of that. 

Performance and Sustainability

Wool is one of the most sustainable natural materials (available in abundance as a by-product of rearing sheep) and also a superior insulator. Woolcool's smart wool fibre consistently outperforms conventional insulated packaging and actually maintains fresh deliveries at their required temperature for longer than conventional materials, including polystyrene boxes. Woolcool's exceptional insulation also means we can keep deliveries cool with less ice packs, which is better for the environment, and it also provides a natural cushion, which means products are safer during transit, requiring no void-fill packaging. Again, less packaging, means less waste. 


Not only will Woolcool's wool liners drastically reduce waste, they will provide our customers with a much better delivery experience, and can even be re-used for things like lining hanging baskets, cladding outdoor pipes, or even a cosy pet bed. Our gel ice packs can also be re-used for a whole host of things, including, for picnics, for keeping shopping cool, some of our customers even use them for treating sports injuries. We've even had customers re-use the strengthened outer cardboard box for storage, and moving house. It's all re-usable.


At the end of their useful life, the wool liners can be easily recycled. Just separate the breathable outer film from the wool, throw the wrap in the recycling, and add the wool to your general waste. Over a few months the wool will biodegrade, releasing valuable nitrates back into the ground. Our strengthened outer cardboard boxes are also easily recycled, just pop them in your curb-side collection.


In an attempt to double down on the sustainability of our packaging we are currently looking at ways we can work with our couriers to enable our customers to easily return clean liners and ice packs. As soon as this is possible, we'll let you know.