Beef Silverside

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The Meat

Cut from the hindquarter of the breast of the beast, just above the leg, silverside is a lean cut which is well suited to roasting and also long, slow cooking. The name comes from the layer of fibrous silver coloured tissue that covers the muscle, which is of course, carefully trimmed off by our True Bites butchers. A popular choice for those wanting a nice lean joint. Choose from:

  • 500g #MiniRoast (great for small/busy families to enjoy a budget friendly roast)
  • 1KG Joint (serves 4),
  • 1.50KG Joint (serves 4-6), or
  • 2.00KG Joint (serves 8 - 10).

Our beef silverside roasting joints are cut from Quality Standard Mark (QSM) British beef from selected British farms. Quality Standard Mark (QSM) beef is produced to higher standards than required by law, with a fully assured and independently inspected supply chain. We believe this is the best way to ensure your beef is succulent and tender every time. 

Your Order

Your order is always cut and prepared fresh by experienced True Bites butchers, which means it is suitable for home freezing. Your meat is sealed, labelled and packed individually and delivered by courier in temperature controlled cool boxes.

Cooking Tips

Visit our How to Cook Perfect Beef at Home guide for information on cooking beef exactly how you want it every time.