Whole Chicken Stuffed with Pork Fillet (approx 1.50KG)

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Red Tractor Farm Assured Standardsfrom local British farms

The Meat

One whole boneless local British chicken, stuffed with tender pork fillet. Our experienced True Bites butchers remove all the bone (except the very end wing and leg bones), stuff the chicken with a tender pork fillet, and then tie the bird with butchers twine to hold everything in place. A hassle free easy to carve option that is ideal for those extra special roast dinner occasions.

Our True Bites stuffed whole chicken are selected and cut from Farm Assured chicken, all of which we source from local Shropshire farms, where welfare and traceability are imperative. We believe this is the only way to guarantee the highest quality chicken possible.

Your Order

Your order is always cut and prepared fresh by our experienced True Bites butchers. Your meat is sealed, labelled and packed individually and delivered by courier in temperature controlled cool boxes.

Cooking Tips

Always season your chicken with a pinch or two of sea salt for that delicious crispy skin.