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Flat Iron Steak

True Bites

The Meat

One 8oz beef Flat Iron steak cut from the featherblade muscle (next to the shoulder blades), which is a really flavourful and tender meat when properly butchered and matured. Flat iron steaks come from carefully cutting through the middle of the featherblade and removing the layer of gristle, which leaves 2 large rectangular shaped steaks that resemble an old fashioned metal flat iron (hence the name). Superb on the grill, and best cooked medium rare to bring out the natural sweetness.

Your Order

Your order is always cut and prepared fresh by our experienced True Bites butchers. Your meat is sealed, labelled and packed individually and delivered by courier in temperature controlled cool boxes.

Cooking Tips

Grill it, fry it in a little bit of butter, or better still pop it on the BBQ. Serve medium-rare.


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