80/20 Beef Mince

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quality standard english beefRed Tractor Farm Assured Standardsfrom british farms

The Meat

A more indulgent mince, with a higher fat to lean meat ratio, ideal for all the usual mince dishes (including bolognase, lasagne), but especially great for making your own burgers. Our mince is carefully picked from cuts with the right meat to fat balance. Typically we use at least 80% lean meat so as to be tender and full of favour. Available in:

  • 500g, 1.00KG, or 2.00KG packs of Lean British beef mince.

Your Order

Your order is always cut and prepared fresh by experienced True Bites butchers, which means it is suitable for home freezing. Your meat is sealed, labelled and packed individually and delivered by courier in temperature controlled cool boxes.

Cooking Tips

Make into burger patties, add a pinch of sea salt and black pepper, and cook on a griddle or preferably outside on the BBQ.