Luxury Christmas Hamper 2017

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The Meat

Your Luxury Christmas Hamper is perfect for that ultimate Christmas Day feast your family and friends will always remember. There's even bacon, sausage and black pudding for your Boxing Day breakfast! Enough to feed at least 16 adults and includes:

  • Large Boneless Turkey Crown (5KG Approx),
  • 1.50KG Beef Roasting Joint,
  • 1.50KG Pork Loin Roasting Joint,
  • 1.50KG Gammon Roasting Joint,
  • 16 Pigs in Blankets (1KG),
  • 1LB (454g) Sausage Meat,
  • 400g Sliced Boiled Ham,
  • 1 Large Hand Raised Pork Pie,
  • 2LB (908g) Rindless Back Bacon,
  • 2LB (908g) True Bites Pork Sausages,
  • 1LB (454g) Black Pudding,
  • 1 x Shropshire Stuffing Box,
  • 1 x Apple Sauce,

    Last delivery date is Thursday 21st December 2017.

    Your Order

    Your order is always cut and prepared fresh by experienced True Bites butchers, which means it is suitable for home freezing. Your meat is sealed, labelled and vacuum packed individually and delivered by courier in temperature controlled cool boxes.

    Cooking Tips