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Succulent and Tender Pork Ribs Recipe

Succulent and Tender Pork Ribs Recipe

Ever wondered how to get those delicious restaurant style pork ribs with succulent meat that falls off the bone? Well, here's a simple recipe to show you how...

What You'll Need

What you'll need to cook your tender pork ribs


1. If you're not using our True Bites Pork Ribs you'll have to remove the tough translucent membrane on the concave surface of your ribs. Use a spoon to detach the membrane at the thin end of the ribs, once you get a hold you should be able to peel it all the way off.

2. Salt and pepper your ribs and place them in a roasting dish.

Salted and Peppered Ribs in a roasting tray

3. Add about 10mm of water, and a few slices of orange into a roasting tray and place the ribs on top. (arching upwards, so there's space underneath) OR use orange juice if it's more convenient. The juice won't flavour the ribs it just helps to break down the muscle tissue and make your ribs extra succulent and tender!

adding the orange juice to the ribs in the roasting tray

4. Cover over with foil so everything is loosely sealed.

ribs covered over with foil ready to cook

5. Cook on gas mark 3 for 90-120 minutes.

6. At this point you can cool your ribs cool and refrigerate them for up to 3 days. This is the perfect time for a marinade; either for a few hours, or maybe overnight. Here I'm adding a Shropshire Spice BBQ marinade, but any dry rub, or even your favourite sauce would be ideal to add now. Be generous, get all those ribs coated!

applying the sauce or marinade to the ribs

7. Now turn the heat up, about gas mark 5, and cook until the ribs are sizzling and any sauce you've added is just starting to caramelise. 

juicy, tender ribs finished and ready to eat.


  • You can always use a different fruit juice (orange, apple, pineapple) instead of using water and slices of orange. The juice won't flavour the ribs too much, but it does help to break down any muscle tissue and make your ribs succulent and juicy.

 Let us know how you get on, we love to hear feedback!!


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