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Beef Goulash Recipe

Learn how to cook a delicious, hearty beef goulash perfect to warm the family during those winter months. 

Written by Shirley @TrueBitesUK — November 04, 2015

Lancashire Lamb Hotpot Recipe

A slow cooked recipe, which will give you those crispy sliced potatoes on top, and delicious, melt in your mouth lamb underneath. Absolutely superb, serve it with anything, maybe even just have two at a time.

Written by Shirley @TrueBitesUK — March 25, 2015

Honey & Soy Braised Lamb Shanks Recipe

This honey & soy braised lamb shank recipe is perfect for when you want something a bit different this winter. Sweet and sour flavours are typically used for pork and chicken, but surprisingly they work equally as well with lamb. A perfect recipe for the slow cooker. 

Written by Matty @TrueBitesUK — February 11, 2015

Thai Beef Noodle Salad Recipe

Tasty Teriyaki marinated beef slices served with salad and tossed in a zingy lime dressing. Light and fresh.

Written by Matty @TrueBitesUK — January 14, 2015

Make Your Own Sausage Rolls Recipe

Learn how to easily make your own sausage rolls at home. Perfect for that Great British party buffet anytime of year, but even better served hot on Christmas Eve. 

Written by Matty @TrueBitesUK — December 17, 2014

Moroccan Style Beef Casserole Recipe

Not the usual beef stew, here's a warming wintry beef casserole inspired by Morrocan tagines with chickpeas. 

Written by Shirley @TrueBitesUK — November 26, 2014

Lamb shanks in Minted Gravy Recipe

Get warm and cosy away from those long wintry nights with this really simple recipe for Lamb shanks with mint gravy. Suitable for 2 hungry adults.

Written by Shirley @TrueBitesUK — November 19, 2014

Bacon and Cheese Omelette Recipe

Bacon and cheese omelette, a weekend breakfast treat or serve with a fresh salad for a mid week tea.

Written by Matty @TrueBitesUK — November 12, 2014

Lamb Keema Recipe

Aromatic lamb keema, with onion, garlic, tomatoes, fresh chillies and peas. Time to prepare: 20 minutes, Time to cook: 40 minutes.

Written by Matty @TrueBitesUK — October 29, 2014


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