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Our thoughts on EU Regulation 0104: Porcine Chops

The EU have announced new rules relating to the retail sale of pork chops. Regulation 0104: Porcine Chops, which comes into force today, outlines strict rules for acceptable minimum sizes of pork chops;

"A 'Pork Chop' must be cut from the loin of the animal with a minimum eye muscle of 50mm, length of chop must be equal to or over 180mm, with a minimum back fat depth of 25mm. Anything out of specification must be labelled as B Grade Chops."

In our opinion, surely labelling smaller chops as B-Grade is going to put customers off and slow down already struggling pork sales!? Why do the EU keep releasing ridiculous, difficult to enforce regulations, which are ultimately going to slow down UK production?! 

What do you think about these regulations? Surely 25mm is too much fat? Please let us know below.