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Ask the Butcher: What's the Best Joint for Pulled Pork

Ask the Butcher: What's the Best Joint for Pulled Pork

What's the best joint for cooking pulled pork?

Pulled pork should be cooked slowly in order for the meat to become tender enough for it to be easily 'pulled apart'. The ideal cut for pulled pork is the shoulder. The shoulder is a tougher cut of pork, but also often regarded as the most flavoursome part of the pig (because it's done it's fair share of work). It contains more fat and connective tissue than other leaner cuts, which means it is more suited to long cooking times. The long cooking process breaks down the tougher connective tissue, and at the same time the fat gives the meat a natural baste, and means the cut can take long cooking times without the meat becoming dry. You'll be left with tender, juicy, and of course delicious pulled pork ready to serve/devour.

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  • Use 2 forks to 'shred' the meat after it has finished cooking.
  • Remove any rind before 'shredding' and pop it in a HOT cooker to make delicious crackling!
  • Try pulled pork with stuffing on a fresh bread roll, you can thank us later!
  • Add some BBQ rub and/or sauce if you're feeling a more American style pulled pork!


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